• destroy hives in their quest for honey.
  • Humans often destroy hives of honey-producing bee species in the interest of obtaining honey and other bee products.
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Albéniz: Merlin - Opera in Three Acts - Revised: José de Eusebio - Act 3 - First I must pillage the hive

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The Cold type of Urticaria or hives are caused by exposure of the skin to extreme cold temperatures. In particular, the hives appear on the skin areas that have been exposed to cold, damp and windy conditions. It comes about in two forms. The rare form is hereditary and becomes evident as hives all over the body 9 to 18 hours after cold exposure. The common form of cold Urticaria demonstrates itself with the rapid onset of hives on the face, neck, or hands after exposure to cold. Cold Urticaria is common and lasts for an average of 5 to 6 years. The population mostly impressed upon is young adults, aged between 18 to 25 years. Many people with cold Urticaria also are stung by dermographism and cholinergic Urticaria.


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