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Depraved Heart: A Scarpetta Novel (Kay Scarpetta)


Cornwall has a strong Protestant heritage, where Methodism is the main denomination. Nearly every village has at least one Methodist church: some small villages have more than one Methodist church and no church from any other denomination. It iscommon to be driving along a backroad and find a Methodist church in the middle of nowhere, with settlements in the vacinity other than a tiny hamlet witha couple of houses, still holding regular Sunday services with a good attendance.

The stereotype of the Cornish as 'inbred' and 'backward' is a misconception and, if repeated to a local, is likely to cause embrassement and offence (and perhaps a smack). Cornwall is generally quite ethnically homogenous in comparison to most areas of the UK, and Cornish people tend to hold onto traditional morals and lifestyles. They are also slightly more conservative than the UK as a whole and are very patriotic.


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