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An article in the Stuttgart Morgenblatt on 5 November 1823 absolves Schindler of this crime. In it, Johann Sporschil profiled the composer in glowing terms and added, by way of a human interest angle, that Beethoven had lost a great deal of his correspondence when he had recently moved from the country to the city. The gap in the missing correspondence exactly matches the gap in the conversation books, indicating that both sets of documents were lost in one or more of the trunks that the composer himself had, in a surviving letter, rued having had to transport.

It could safely be stated that even to the end of his life, there were days in which he could hear a bit. Was Beethoven deaf? In many other accounts, it was believed that he was stone deaf. When the communication difficulties finally became too great, more or less around 1818, Beethoven used leafs of paper or tablets, where his friends and visitors wrote down what they wanted to tell him, or ask him. These are known now as the "Conversation Books". Though these are some interesting facts about Beethoven, we lack the answers the Master provided to the questions written there. Except for a few cases, all we can do is guess what he might have said.


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