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  • The conning tower was all out and the oval back of the submarine was awash.
  • You can climb up into this conning tower and steer the ship from it if you wish.
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The Second Conning Tower Book

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The conning tower is oval-shaped, with the long, seven feet, teninch dimension running perpendicular to the vessel’s centerline and theshorter five feet dimension running parallel to the centerline. The bulkheadof the conning tower is double-walled, with the outer wall being five inchesof armor and the inner wall being one inch. The overall bulkhead is fifteeninches thick. The height to the center of the curved, armored roof of thestructure, is six feet. Just below the curved roof of the structure isa small slit, about an inch high. This slit, extending about two-thirdsof the way around the conning tower gave his view of the . From within the confinesof this stifling location, could havefull control of the vessel. The conning tower contains the main steeringbattle station (unused in the battle, as retained steering control in the pilot house), two engine order telegraphs,and voice tubes that communicated with the critical areas of the vessel,such as the engine rooms, steering, etc. Also a fire alarm could be soundedfrom this location.

The submarine's attack center, the Conning Tower, is an 8-ft diameter,14-ft long cylindrical chamber directly above the control room. Theconning tower houses both the search and attack periscopes, the mainsteering station (called the helm), the firing buttons for the 10 torpedotubes, and the ST and SJ radars.


Conning Tower - USS COD Submarine Memorial

With the demise of battleships after World War II, along with the advent of missiles and nuclear weapons during the , modern warships no longer feature conning towers.