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  • Well, I don’t think I’ve found an end or a definite answer to my comic books troubles.
  • These corrupt, abusive, head-severing cops are among the most sinister law enforcers in comic books
  • Thor and Captain America aren't the first comic book characters to change up their gender and race

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This is the one-hundred and eighty-first in a series of examinations of comic book legends and whether they are true or false. Click for an archive of the previous one-hundred and eighty.

There were quite a few more comic books that I read in 2010 which didn’t make it into the pile by my bed or to this list. Some were so good that I lent them to friends, others got put away on when I moved in March. As incomplete as this rundown of my 2010 reading is, in retrospect it was still quite a year. I can’t remember a year of comic books this rich and bold since I was a teenager. Is that because I bought better books in 2010 or because the general quality of books has gone up? Maybe it was a combination of both. It certainly helped that I attended a lot of conventions this year, which enabled me to meet some of the creators I like. On their recommendation I’ve read work which I might otherwise have missed, which is as much of a gift as the work itself. The lesson I’m going to take from this year is that paying attention to what my favorite comic book creators are working on, can vastly enrich the quality of my reading.


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Although I do the majority of my reading with digital comics now, there’s something about holding a comic in my hands that still gets me in a store from time to time. When I asked him if digital comics have impacted their customers’ buying habits, Brandon replied, “The collectability of comics is still a major factor.” I can attest to that. If you’re like me and enjoy having comic books to call your own, here are some tips for getting started on a collection.