• The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett
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The Colors of Magic: A Magic: The Gathering Anthology (Magic Anthologies)


So do you get them you may ask! Since my arrival date was within 14 days of my online booking, my Magic Bands were sent to my hotel. If you book your travel at least 30 days out, Disney will send your Magic Bands to your home. They arrive in a really INCREDIBLE package. Hehe! When I got my Magic Bands when I checked into my resort, I was more excited that any one normal sane person should be! Once you have your confirmation number you can go online to your My Magic Experience account and customize your name and the color of your Magic Band. I chose pink, and my dad chose yellow. If you don’t customize them, you will receive grey bands.

Terry worked for many years as a journalist and press officer, writing in his spare time and publishing a number of novels, including his first Discworld novel, The Color of Magic, in 1983. In 1987, he turned to writing full time.


The Color of Magic is without boundaries, limitless and unrestricted

Then I remembered that the evil “chromatic” dragons in Dungeons and Dragons came in the following five colors: black, white, red, green, and blue. Just like the colors of magic in Magic The Gathering. Here’s a list of the five chromatic dragons and their breath weapons, along with some other characteristics.