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The Color of Earth


I have a great weakness for certain colours for inks. One of them is orange, and another is magenta which is the colour of the Sunset which you will see later. When I heard that the Colors of the Earth range was going to be discontinued, I hurried to Aesthetic Bay to grab the Saffron ink as they still had it in stock.

The Grand Canyon is a majestic landscape in Arizona, USA, a place where I would love to visit one day. It is characterised by huge looming slopes of rock that is cut into by the Colorado River. These brown landscapes are not your colourful canyons of Utah National Park nor full of lush greenery like in the Yellowstone. They are silent, colossal masses with colours of earth, and that is why this ink is brown.



Chorus: We are made of the colors of earth.
Each color is different, each color is true.
We are made of the colors of earth.
And I love the colors that made you.