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There are a total of 10 songs in the new game from all 3 Cheetah Girls movies, three from the newest Cheetah Girls film. The songs are sung by cover artists. 2 extra songs that are not playable are songs from the third movie. Like , the songs can be heard even if the DS is closed.

In all honesty, I love all of the Cheetah Girls movies about the same, but I don’t think I would keep them in the same order. I loved One World the most out of the first two movies. I have been interested in flashbacks and movies going to different places and using it as a direction of the storyline. I think Cheetah Girls 2 was the right choice as far as destination, because as a lover to the first I thought Luc was from France, not Spain. The international music festival was a good choice to make and to make all of the girls go there. It wasn’t too cheesy and surprisingly I liked more characters in that movie than I did in the first, but the third movie, I was wondering when Raven would leave the group. At that time Adrienne, Sabrina, and Kiely all performed the songs live and came out with different singles throughout their time between the first and last films. I can safely say that One World gave me the want and need to visit India one day. I literally fell in love with India and Bollywood dancing during that one to two hour movie. I’m not going to lie, as much I missed Raven, I was happy that the other girls were amazing and I hope Disney Channel plays it again soon because I have the first two movies in my DVR but not this one.


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