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Say Cheese, Medusa! (Myth-O-Mania Book 3)

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, it is said, is made from milk and a bizarresubstance known as rennet, which is supposed to be made from theinsides of a cow's stomach - a likely story! - however, it seems thatthe rennet is not actually necessary, since some of the cheese mythstalk of a kind of "vegetarian cheese" which is rennet-free. One ratherwishes that the propagators of the myth would make their minds up onceand for all about the rennet issue - either it is necessary or itisn't. Nevertheless, since there is no more evidence for the existenceof rennet than there is for that of cheese itself, the whole thing issomewhat academic.

To that end we've gathered some persistent cheese myths and torn them down with the cold, hard truth. So the next time someone tells you they can't sample your cheese plate because they're lactose intolerant, it will be on you to spread the gospel!


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