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  • Looking for a cheap piano? Then we can help ...
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Directly Cheap Beginners 49 Keys Kids Digital Piano Bundle with Microphone & Note Holder, Black


Terrible piano. If you ever wonder why cheap new pianos are so cheap, click the photo and read about this piano.

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If you’re looking for a cheap digital piano, you could do a lot worse than the . If you’re not a particularly skilled keyboard player - or you want to develop your skills - the Sono 61 will give you a very professional result. Better still, it’s . You won’t find many other digital pianos from major manufacturers at that price.


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These cheap pianos were first produced in the United States in 2003 but they are now produced in Qingdao, China. This is a new entry into the piano market because what began as a Korean textile, construction and technology company broadened into a musical instrument company only in March 2001.