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  • Chaos Theory Games is a team of dedicated digital designers, specializing in game development.
  • Chaos Theory premiered at Annex Theatre April 18 – May 17, 2014.
  • This was the birth of chaos theory.

Chaos Theories


Chaos theory is a mathematical theory, and it is still in development. It enables the description of a series of phenomena from the field of dynamics, ie, that field of physics concerning the effect of forces on the motion of objects. The archetype of all theories of dynamics is that of Newton, concerning celestial motions.

This article presents the major historical steps In the acquisition of knowledge in physics that led to chaos theory Since these steps were made in fields other than biology or medicine, these will be referred to, in particular astronomy. Some readers might not be familiar with physics or mathematics; therefore explanations using the language of equations have been kept to a minimum. It is, however, necessary to use the appropriate terms and concepts, and Table I provides a list of definitions according to the concepts of physics.


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