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Bulk Buy: Darice Foamies Extra Thick Foam Sheet Black 6mm thick 9 x 12 inches (10-Pack) 1199-21

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These sheets have pillowcases, I would not buy sheets without matching cases. If they would have been without I would have sent them back. These sheets are perfectly fine for everyday use. A person can always buy sheets with more cotton content if they want, but they are going to pay more accordingly.

Buying sheet sets and buying sheets individually both have advantages. One advantage of buying a sheet set is that it often saves money; you usually pay less for a sheet set than you do for the same items purchased individually. Also, when you buy sheets in a set, you don't have to spend time finding matching items. However, buying sheets, pillowcases, and fitted sheets separately allows you to individualize your bedding. For example, buying items separately is a wise choice if you want to buy a top sheet and a fitted sheet in complementary colors or if you want to try mixing and matching patterns.


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