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Nick Jr. Bubble Guppies Cap Sleeved Little Girls T-shirt (4T)

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Waiting for this for a while. This one is legit, and full of educational and adventurous activities. Worth every penny. Crisp and realistic character voices and graphics. Feels like a real TV episode when you play! My 2 year_4 month old (28 months old) loves Bubble Guppies and this app is just about at his level. Perfect distraction when needed. A few more months and it may be more appropriate.

Dive into a watery world of learning and music with the Bubble Guppies! This hilarious, variety-style kids show teaches preschoolers science, math, and reading while it explores themes such as dinosaurs, recycling, rock 'n roll, colors, and cowboys.


Bubble Guppies Birthday--Val, I thought of Gemma when I saw this!

Jump into a watery world of fun and laughter with Bubble Guppies! Molly, Gil, and their fish-tailed classmates love swimming within swaying kelp forests, fantastical coral reefs, and undersea gardens. So, put on your water-wings, and set up your next party with ! You’ll be o-fish-ally the coolest party around. Find an ocean full of fantastic fun, games, and for your little guppy at .