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Brenda Starr: The Complete Pre-Code Comic Books Volume 2 (Brenda Starr Comp Pre Code Comics Hc)


Brenda Starr's immediate neighbors in , are 6 individuals in 3 households.

A greeting card illustrator for the , Messick created following the rejection of a female pirate-based comic strip that she had previously submitted. The character name, Brenda Starr, was based on , a of the 1930s, while her appearance was based on the movie actress . The strip initially encountered resistance from editor because its creator was a woman. After the strip was established, other instances of resistance were reported. "Whenever Ms. Messick drew in cleavage or a navel, the syndicate would erase it. She was once banned in Boston after showing Brenda smoking a polka-dot cigar."



The redheaded comic heroine, whose first appearance came in a June 1940 Chicago Tribune insert, is putting the notebook away for good next month. Tribune Media Services, which owns Brenda Starr, announced Thursday that it's ending the feature's newspaper syndication.