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  • Brad Cunningham, the non-hero in Dead By Sunset, is suing me for $666 million
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  • "BRAD" CUNNINGHAM Bradley Cunningham's fourth wife was Cheryl Keeton ...

Ann Rule Deconstructed: Perfect Writer, Perfect Liar

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Brad Cunningham grew up listening to classic pop and sang in his school choir. He began pursuing music more seriously while at Baylor University, recording an album and assembling a band. He and his band, Man In The Ring, are touring in the midwest this summer. You can find his tour schedule

Dead by Sunset is a horrific true crime account of Brad Cunningham, who appeared to all, a handsome, charming, and loving father, and caring husband. In reality, he considered his wives and children to be nothing more than disposable possessions.


Bradley Cunningham's third wife, Lauren, was a teacher

That path continues forward as the band prepares to release their second album as the Brad Cunningham Band, entitled "Good Timin' Man." Recorded in Norman, Oklahoma with Grammy-nominated produced Wes Sharon, the record lands somewhere on the spectrum between John Fullbright and the Turnpike Troubadours, both of which are fellow 115 Recording alumni.