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Werewolves of New York: 4 Stand Alone Novels: Wolf Shifters Romance Boxed Set

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Red Box Movies and DVD New Releases always available. With over 40,000 red box machines, always new releases available on Monday, 12 midnight.

Don't forget to subscribe to our channel, then you can check throughout every week what new releases are coming to the Red Box every Tuesday. Reserve your Red Box DVD online at midnight and you will have all day to pick the movie up at your nearest Red Box location.

RB Weekly not only displays the newest movies to hit Red Box but also gives everyone the chance to watch the trailers all in one video!

Some movie trailers are not available due to copyright reasons, however, all Red Box New Release trailers are available on . Check out RB Weekly today for our Red Box Critic choices of the week, previews, and helpful information for all Red Box Movies released to the Red Box locations nationwide.

Looking forward to this week’s list of Redbox New Releases September 15, 2015 (9/15/15)! Which movies are you most excited for this week? This week features 11 titles being released! The most popular seem to be Love & Mercy, Elimination Game, and Haunting at the Rectory.


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