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The Non-Designer's Web Book, 3rd Edition


Instead of consulting Mr. Nitwit and his cousin, Ms. Lit Comatose, for book advice, it may be in your best interest to take a bold leap of faith and browse the cyber world’s book recommendation websites. Using them is far easier than stepping foot in a bookstore as a salesperson hovers near to press a purchase and much less uncomfortable than browsing a professor's bookshelf during office hours. The following are a few of my favorites.

Love to read? You'll find that there are many communities made specifically online for book lovers of any possible genre, whether to buy, browser, or talk about the books that have impacted your life. Whether you're looking for a textbook, a comic book, a romance, or a cookbook, the chances are very good that you'll find it with one of the book websites listed below. Most of these sites offer the reader a chance to get involved in discussion, reviews, and active conversation; in addition, buying books on the Web can end up in some serious savings, not to mention the amazing variety that is available to you.


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