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The Relationship Rescue Workbook: Exercises and Self-Tests to Help You Reconnect with Your Partner


A perfect relationship is hard to find. People are not perfect, so even if they have the best intentions these are not always enough to keep two people together. If you feel that your relationship is on shaky ground, or if your relationship has recently ended, then you may be interested in a good book on relationships. Relationship books are among the most popular categories of books, and there are so many new titles coming onto the market all the time. This makes it very difficult to know if you are purchasing the best book on relationships.

I’ll admit it. I am totally attached to _Attached_. But, not in an unhealthy way, really. I’ve read my fair share of books on relationships (including textbooks during my clinical training as a therapist), and I can honestly say that this book provides the most elegant framework for organizing, explaining, and rescuing relationship problems that I’ve seen.


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