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  • Kenneth A. Kitchen, ., The Aramaic of Daniel, in , 41-42; Bruce K. Waltke, The Date of the Book of Daniel.  133 (1976): 323.
  • Here then is confirmatory proof that the book contains genuine predictions (Bruce K. Waltke, The Date of the Book of Daniel.  133 (1976): 329).
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The Amazing Book Is Not on Fire: The World of Dan and Phil


Concerning the importance of this study Waltke writes, This is is of greatest importance for at least three reasons. First, the sovereignty of the revealed God in this book is at stake. If Daniel's God was able to predict the future, then there is reason to believe that the course of history is completely under Yahweh's sovereignty. On the other hand, if the predictions are fraudulent, then one must remain agnostic about Daniel's God. Second, the divine inspiration of the Bible hangs in the balance. If the book contains true predictions, then there is firm reason to believe that this book ultimately owes its origin to One who can predict the future. On the contrary, if it is a spurious, fraudulent, although well-intentioned piece of literature, then the reliability of other books in the canon of Scripture may legitimately be questioned. Third, one's understanding of the nature of Jesus Christ depends on the answer to the date of the book. Jesus Christ regarded the Book of Daniel as a prophetic preview of future history and indeed of the divine program for a future that still lies ahead (Matt. 24:15-16; Mark 13:14; Luke 21:20). If he is wrong in His interpretation of the book, then He must be less than the omniscient, inerrant God incarnate. On the other hand, if His appraisal is right, then His claim to deity cannot be questioned in this regard (Bruce K. Waltke, The Date of the Book of Daniel. 133 (1976): 320).

We recently read through the book of Daniel in our Route 66 reading at Central and I really enjoyed it. For whatever reason, there were a handful of things that stood out to me about it as I read it through this time and so I’ll dedicate a few posts to my thoughts on it.


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It seems to be so ... . If by apocalypse, one simply means works which arebased on divine revelation, but, above all, divine revelation concerning thingsto come, then I would say, that the Book of Daniel is the first realapocalypse.