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Boogie Board Original 8.5" LCD eWriter, Cyan (PT01085CYAA0002)


Boogie Board Writing Tablet. Remember the plastic over wax sketch pads? It's this reincarnated as an electronic device. Images cannot be saved but I love this at my phone for work and showing my son how to work out a math problem. Paper waste drastically reduced. My 5 yr old uses it on car trips: no battery charging.

A month ago sent me an email with the subject line of “Interesting Product” and a link to the Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet from . It looked interesting to me too, so I posted a quick about it and kept waiting for it to come in stock so that I could buy one to try it for myself. I got lucky a few weeks ago and was able to order one through Amazon. I’ve been playing with it the last few days and here are my thoughts.


Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet eWriter | Imagine Toys®

The Boogie Board 8.5 LCD Writing Tablet is the tree-friendly electronic alternative to paper, pencils and pens. With it, users of all ages will truly say goodbye to paper forever and it's just as easy to use! Simply press on the surface with the included stylus or other suitable writing instrument (even your finger) to create an image and then erase with the push of a button. With the Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet, you'll never be without a memo pad again. Keep one by the home phone and by your computer at work to jot down memos, make to do lists, leave messages for others, capture your next big idea and more. Students will find it's the perfect tool for practicing handwriting/arithmetic, drawing pictures and playing games (especially young and developmentally challenged students). If you're a coach, you can even use the Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet to diagram the winning play. Say goodbye to dry erase boards with smelly, dried up markers.