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Black Devil Doll From Hell / Tales From The Quadead Zone Boxset


After a game of hot and heavy twister, Heather is given the signal to disappear so the doll can do what he does, which is kill and rape white women (in that order). Heather's friends then disperse into various parts of the house to engage in activities from napping to sunbathing, all of which involve nakedness. It is here that "Black Devil Doll" 'blows its load,' so to speak.

"Black Devil Doll" gets off to a roaring start with some genuinely hilarious gags including an extended sexy carwash/puppet masturbation scene, and even hits a couple good notes with extreme toilet humor. I can be a bit of an overthinker, but I'm not averse to such things, as evidenced by my love of Lloyd Kaufman films and others of that ilk. In a semi-packed theater, it really seemed that the general audience was reeling along and having a good time, until things started to "get going."


Black Devil Doll From Hell (1984)

I’ll not level the smarmy “porn” thing I did at the film before seeing it anymore. And yes, it was smarmy. Fore that I apologize. I will be seeing it in Seattle in May to form a valid opinion. And yes, I always try to judge a film on it’s own merits, BLACK DEVIL DOLL included.