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Bi-Curious George

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BiCurious George is a little confused. He doesn't know if he should like coffee or tea. One day he likes one, the next day he likes another. Everyone tells him he has to make a choice, but he wants both. If you're on the edge of choosing between coffee or tea, don't you worry: BiCurious George was made for you. This coffee blended tea is a little bit of both worlds. From its smokey Chinese Keemun, to it's floral Indian Nilgiri, this Tanzanian based black tea is complimented perfectly with lush hand crushed coffee beans and spicy Hawaiian coffee cherry.

Found this gem walking out of Barnes and Noble. I think it’s safe to say that every lending library needs a copy of Bi Curious George. *SPOILER ALERT* It’s a thrilling tale and ends with Bi Curious George happy in a zoo with other bi curious animals.


Overview "George was a straight little monkey but always very..