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  • Early Beginner Books employed many famous illustrators including the aforementioned , , , and .  was also an illustrator.

The Big Purple Book of Beginner Books (Beginner Books(R))


It’s the perfect gift—a $53.94 value for only $15.99! This collection of six Beginner Books by Dr. Seuss costs less than two single Beginner Books! In one sturdy hardcover omnibus, includes the complete text and illustrations for (illustrated by Roy McKie), (illustrated by Roy McKie), (illustrated by Scott Nash), and (illustrated by Michael Frith). Ideal for starting a child’s library, this collection will whet young readers’ appetites for additional books in the Beginner Book series—and help nourish a lifelong love of reading!

was published by Random House. However because of it's success, an independent publishing company was formed, called Beginner Books. Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss, was the president and editor.


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The scope of our research encompasses the Beginner Books issued originally with dust jackets, so spanning from 1957-to-1972. Children being what children be, most of the original dust jackets perished or became very diminished in nature soon after purchase. Dust be to dust. Because of this, even non-first, but early printings in a nice dust jacket are to be prized, with first editions difficult to come by. In most cases, the DJ information is key to correctly identifying a first edition Beginner Book, therefore, sans jacket, there is little collector interest. The exceptions are books with 'First Printing' on the copyright page, which will have collector interest, and are listed below.