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  • Oh c’mon Ellen – you can afford $2500 for bunk beds if you live in Los Gatos!
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The Bed's Too Big Without You (2003 Stereo Remastered Version)

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Even if you are in perfect health (don't we all wish) you will experience luxury at night that will help you wind down after those busy, stress filled days. Why buy another flat bed when you can adjust your comfort with an Adjustable Power Foundation?

Customize level of comfort and relaxation
A flat bed gives you only one option. You can customize your adjustable bed to your perfect comfort setting. Higher-end models can be set it to automatically go flat or turn off massage after you fall asleep and even store your 'ideal' position in memory. The Prodigy Power Foundation can optionally use your iPhone as a controller.


LightHeaded™ Beds Riviera Full Bed with Trundle - White

A small bedroom can be a challenge but it can also feel cozy and unique once you decorate it. Use these 10 tips to make your bedroom feel larger and to make the most of the space you do have. Incorporate these ideas in other bedrooms in your home and see how your rooms will instantly feel more lived in, as opposed to feeling cold and unlivable.