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SKALD Vol I: The One True King of Men

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Aubrey Sitterson: Extensive! As a writer, I've worked with the biggest publishers in the industry, doing short stories for Marvel, DC, Image, Oni and Viz, as well as the original graphic novel Worth for Roddenberry & Arcana. Before that, I cut my teeth in the comics industry as an editor, first at Marvel, where I ran Ghost Rider, Punisher War Journal, Irredeemable Ant-Man and more, in addition to starting the Strange Tales anthology. As freelancer, I was also the first editor on The Walking Dead and Invincible, as well as handling Kick-Ass and several other titles.

Aubrey Sitterson is a Los Angeles-based writer whose most recent work is the Street Fighter x G.I. Joe series from IDW, . Follow him on or check out his for more information.


Straight Shoot by Aubrey Sitterson on iTunes

Never has their been a podcast so mighty, and audio experience so extraordinary, a story so brutally mind-bending as SKALD! Modern day bard Aubrey Sitterson delivers in spades on this wholly original concept. SKALD is a brain-bashingly great podcast.

Skald by Aubrey Sitterson on iTunes

Comic Book Club: Aubrey Sitterson and Joe Harris | Nerdist

That is the theme of Roddenberry Entertainment’s new graphic novel, WORTH. In the words of the novel’s author, Aubrey Sitterson, “It’s about a guy who is learning what it means when a superhero can no longer be super.”