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The family released a statement this morning saying "our lives have been tremendously enriched by having the presence of Fr. Andrew Greeley in our family. First and foremost as a loving uncle who was always there for us with unfailing support or with a gentle nudge, who shared with us both the little things and the big moments of family life.

Andrew Greeley was a 4th year Dual-Degree Mechanical Engineering student. Summer 2013 was his first co-op with the Thermal Analysis, Microfluidics and Fuel Cell Lab. He worked on various flow and pool boiling experiments, with future plans to work on fuel cells.


by Mitch Finley and Andrew Greeley

Rev. Andrew Greeley, a leading sociologist of religion, social change, ethnic groups, the priesthood and other subjects at the independent research organization NORC at the University of Chicago, died Wednesday in his apartment at the John Hancock Center. He was 85.