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I adore... What a sensuous aroma, I just bought one bottle of this and I'm enchanted. That is the perfume I would like to wear forever, just a pair of my Louboutin, glam dress and Back to Black, what more could want a girl??

In a small bag, pipe tobacco, three ripe sour cherries, dried raspberries, a good spoonful of honey, a small piece of fresh ginger. Shake the bag.
Take the bag to The Reform Club.
In a room containing several deep buttoned leather chairs, a shelf full of dusty books, and the lingering scent of decades worth of pipe tobacco clinging to the drapes, and years of fine cognac fumes, empty the contents of the bag onto the carpet.
Rub it in until no visible evidence remains.
Back to Black by Kilian.
I have a bottle of this. It is reserved for occasions when I feel strong, confident in my own intellect, and don't care a flying fig what anyone else thinks. It stops everyone in their tracks, male and female. It speaks - quietly, in a magesterial, authoritative tone. It shrugs it's shoulders and goes about it's business whatever anyone says. I love it.


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Dark medicinal honey with hints of cherry and vanila. I don't get any tobacco. To me this is different than anything else I tried.
Wonderful warmth, dangerous.
It lasts for 10-12 hours, projecting strong for 4-6 hours.
It s not that complex but the composition is so marvelously crafted that it leaves nothing to desire.
Is it worth the price? Not really because no fragrance should cost this much.
Still amazing, reallz amazing scent. Real seducer.
I wear it throughout the day but more of a night scent.

Back to black 9-10.