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A Stranger Among Us

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A Stranger Among Us is a 1992 film directed by and starring . It tells the story of an undercover police officer's experiences in a Hasidic community. It was entered into the . It is often cited as one of Lumet's two failures of the 1990s, the other being Guilty as Sin. Despite the poor reviews suffered by both these films, Lumet received the 1993 D. W. Griffith Award of the Directors Guild of America. The film was also the first credited role for actor .

Finally, it hits me. This scene is meant to be an analog to the ‘barn raising’ scene in Witness! In that scene, Harrison Ford’s cop earns the respect of the Amish by displaying expert carpentry skills during a community barn raising. This was a major turning point in the film. Amazingly, we realize that the makers of A Stranger Among Us are ripping off their model so nakedly that they’ve even aped this pivotal sequence.


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In the version of this movie that played at the Cannes Film Festival in May, that set up a tug-of-war in her heart, because she also had a love affair going with her partner on the force, Nick (), who is wounded in the opening sequence and spends most of the movie in the hospital. “A Stranger Among Us” was not well-received at Cannes, and went to its own cinematic hospital, emerging from surgery with the role of the partner much reduced. This shortened version of the film has a different ending that blots out that other love affair, substituting a life-goes-on exchange between Griffith and another cop.