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Canción de Navidad para estudiantes de español: A Christmas Carol for Spanish Learners (Read in Spanish) (Volume 1) (Spanish Edition)


These gift boxes have lines from traditional Christmas carols in Spanish. The pictures on the boxes represent the words. These little boxes are perfect for gifts of Christmas cookies or candy, or just to hold little treasures. If your children know the carols, the lyrics on the boxes will remind them of the melodies and they will hear the songs in their head. If they are not familiar with the songs, making the boxes is the perfect way to introduce them to these Christmas carols in Spanish.

Below is an index of links to popular Christmas carols in Spanish, also known as villancicos, alphabetized by their titles in both English and Spanish. Note that in some cases the translations listed here aren't the only ones available, so don't be surprised if the Spanish lyrics aren't the same as you've seen somewhere else or sung before.


Spanish Traditions: Christmas Songs in Spanish - don Quijote