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The Walking Dead, Vol. 8: Made to Suffer


5/11/15 October 24th 2015 will be a day to remember for us here at Level 8 Comics. On this very prestigous day we officially launched issue 1 of Brethren Born at the 3rdNottingham ComicCon and boy did we have a good time. Even the weather (it literally rained all day) couldn't dampen our and everybody else's spirits with all the amazing guests and fansready for a day of comic fun. The table was set up early on after bumping into some old friends and making a few new ones and we couldn't wait to meet the public. The weather may have putoff a few people but the crowds steadily grew and the first few customers stopped by for a chat and to peruse the various items on the Brethren Born table. Aided by my good friend TonyPritchard, we sold our first few copies of the comic and we found our groove and they started to fly off the shelves/tabletop/table cloth! By the end of the day we had sold over 5 times ourprojected figures so a wonderful day for so many reasons. I got to meet and chat briefly with the awesome Marvel artist Marc Laming who even signed a couple of Planet Hulk comics I shoved inhis face. The guys from the Awesome Comics Podcast were also there (apart from Dan) and I had a good laugh as well as do a mini interview with them that was featured the following week on theshow. Along with loads of other small press creators such as Baden Mellonie, Marc Ducrow and the guys from Redshift Press (Chris and Chris) the day was a huge success and I can't wait toattend next year as well. One other bonus of the day, I got to talk to artist Grant Richards who I am working with on a brand new project. He showed me some sketches from the first fewpages of script and it looks unbelievable.

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