• great load for the 223AI
  • Seller's Inventory #: M51-MTV-223AI
  • Seller's Inventory #: M51-MTV-223AI
  • To fireform, I just load up a regular 223 and shoot it from my 223AI... Done.

Beverly Clark 223AI Chantilly Lace Guest Book in Ivory


Anyway, has anyone actually tried '15 in the .223AI? It works great in my '06, and my 9.3x62. Should work great in the .375 that'll be down the line a bit.

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223AI loads (75gr Amax and 65gr Gamekings)

Having done did the HS V handle and the VS contour in 223AI,many moons ago and reflecting upon all the water under that bridge,there's zero fucking chance I'd not go Faux Ti instead.