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In the '70s, comedy movies were dominated by two comedic heavyweights: and Mel Brooks They still left room for plenty of classic comedies like and though. A lot of '70s comedies like were so great that they ended up being remade decades later. With all of these choices, what do you think are the top 1970s comedy movies? Vote up your favorites and vote down those that just aren't as funny.

A look at this list of 1970s comedies makes it clear that Woody Allen and Mel Brooks were in their prime during this era. Allen delivered with the celebrated , , and , among others, while Brooks turned in two beloved '70s with and . That said, it could be argued that the funniest '70s films were, in fact, cult hits like , , and.

This '70s is also filled with stellar movies that were then remade into not-so-stellar reboots years later. You have , , , , and . Do you think any of these movies deserves to be considered one of the best '70s comedy movies or did the remakes taint the originals?

You know it was a good decade for comedy because even a merely decent 1970s comedy like still featured the Bill Murray's very first starring role. Have fun and laugh it up while you vote up the top '70s comedy films, and feel free to add any that we may have missed!

These are the best 1970s dark comedy TV shows, ranked from best to worst by user votes. From some of the top 70s dark comedy series that incorporated elements of horror into their storylines, to other great dark that found humor in the most unlikely places, like a mobile army surgical unit. Some of the best 70s dark comedy shows even use to poke fun at dark content.


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