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Lifestyle Illustration of the 1950s


, who is an assistant professor of photography at Indiana University Northwest, says she has collected vintage clothing but never knew people took recreating the 1950s lifestyle to such lengths before she started the project. Initially she was a bit taken aback, but she soon got to know members of the community and came to understand the Rockabillies like any other subculture.

In the 1950s Australian lifestyles and living standards were progressing rapidly. Relatively untouched by the Second World War, our primary industries were able to supply Great Britain and Europe with much that they needed as they recovered from the War. Our standard of living was one of the highest in the world and shiploads of immigrants were arriving from Britain and Europe to build a new life here after the destruction and displacement of the War. The construction industry was working flat out build the homes required by the returned servicemen and the new arrivals. Employment was high and Australia was a place of prosperity and opportunity.


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