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The Holy Bible: King James Version - 1611 Edition


Additional Description: Facsimile of the 1611 King James Version, Great He Bible. 1961? Text inside Bible reads, “This facsimile of the first impression of the original 1611 edition of the King James bible was produced for the World Publishing Company 2231 West 110th street, Cleveland Ohio 44102, by George Rainbird limited, 2 Hyde Park Place, London, W.2. It is one of an edition limited to 1500 copies, of which this is number 1056. It was printed by offset lithography and bound by Amilcare Pizzi S.P.A., via Panizza 7 Milan. The laid paper was specially made by the Ventura mill at Cernobbio. the binding is a faithful replica of an original contemporary binding.

For the first time since the original King James Version rolled off the presses, see and experience an exact, page-by-page, digitally re-mastered replica of the original 1611 printing in an economically priced edition. This replication contains the lavishly illustrated genealogy of key biblical figures---from Adam and Eve to Jesus. Enjoy the beauty of decorative initials, the original classic font, and the complete preface entitled 'From the Translators to the Readers' found in the original. There are only two differences between this special 400th anniversary edition and the original 1611 KJV---it does not contain the deuterocanonical books and has been reduced from its massive 12' x 16' pulpit-sized folio to this manageable keepsake. Now you can embrace the elegance, majestic style, and rich cadence of the first printing of the 1611 King James Version Bible.


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