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  • 1500 Pc Case New Blue Double Winged Nut Wire Connectors Large 14-6 Awg
  • S will be set to 3 on later model PC-1500s and PC-1600s, but will be 4 on early PC-1500s.
  • 1500 pcs - Campania Capri Italy (by Jumbo)

Melissa & Doug Mountain Lake Cardboard Jigsaw 1500 pc Puzzle


Do you like saving money? What about playing PC games? Have you ever considered building your own PC? We show you exactly what you need to know to build an awesome $1500 gaming PC.

I was wondering since I'm going to be building my own computer and my budget will be $1500 (NOTE: this is also including keyboard (i already have mouse) monitor and Operating System!)

If anyone could please leave some links for good $1500 gaming PC's. This is strictly for gaming I don't care about editing and live streaming and stuff like that. If you leave a link in the description make sure to include that it has a monitor and OS and a keyboard. Also make sure it can run any game near the 50-60 fps mark please and it could hopefully last me awhile as I don't usually have money laying around for upgrades :). One final note make sure it is over clockable.

THANKS a lot for helping me in advance!



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