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When the TARDIS crash lands in the episode "The Eleventh Hour", the 11th Doctor proceeds to befriend Amelia Pond- a 10 to 13 year old who witnessed the TARDIS crash-land in her backyard-, offering to take her with him before he is forced to take the TARDIS on a short hop into the future as the engines threaten to overload, re-materialising twelve years in the future rather than the five minutes he was aiming for. After reuniting with the now-adult Amy, the Doctor is forced to expose the mysterious 'Prisoner Zero'- who escaped an Atraxi prison via a crack in the universe in Amy's house, the Atraxi now threatening to destroy Earth if Prisoner Zero doesn't surrender- in under twenty minutes to save the world, subsequently ordering the Atraxi to leave Earth alone in future, finally departing with Amy as his new companion after travelling forward two years while taking a quick spin in the repaired TARDIS.


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But he could also convey that his character was almost a millennium old. The fussy way he wrung his hands—directly borrowed from hipster-favorite Second Doctor Patrick Troughton—is an old man’s mannerism. And in his stillnesses, he could look troubled and careworn in a way that few of his predecessors ever did, even those who played the role in their 50s. Quite a feat, and utterly in character: The 11th Doctor was the oldest version to date.