• Tivoli, Italy – The 100 Fountains
  • 100 Fountain Spa is a long-time favorite for locals and travelers alike....
  • 100 Fountains and associated research has been generously supported by the  at the Yale Law School and the .
  • Bern has well over 100 fountains, eleven of which still retain the original tableaus with their beautiful allegorical figures.

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Then take another load off with the pastry pour deux—mine was truly double chocolate dreaminess—and then roll back to your room…just make sure to hit the 100 Fountain Spa’s Healthy Living Centre the next morning.

When it comes to creating a soothing environment with a real focus on a relaxing theme, nothing sets the mood like the sound and aesthetics of an Outdoor Fountain. It has been said that the sound of moving and falling water can offer almost medicinal properties when it comes to taking your mind off the daily routine. With so many options for custom designed possibilities not to mention the various models on the market today, it is important to see as many styles and designs as possible before you commit to a final choice. Here we have compiled 100 Outdoor Fountain Ideas and Images to help simplify the process and offer some of the suggestions we found to be worthy of your backyards!


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"Runners Pick Favorite Water Fountains" Great article on the beauty of the drinking fountain in NYC. 100 Fountains project is bringing them back!